Friday, March 30, 2012

Comic Review

COMIC Review
Avenging Spider-Man
Wow, what a refreshing read this was!
Avenging Spider-Man is on issue #5 but each issue is kind of a stand alone. It has the same flavor as Marvel Team Up. Each issue has Spider-Man working with other heroes, this one has him with Captain America.
What I really like about it is it's simplicity. It is well written by Zeb Wells and the artist is Leinil Francis Yu.
This simply is a story about Spider-Man trying to get "in" with Captain America. The actual "bad guy" in this comic really doesn't matter. This is more about the VERY FUNNY dialogue between Spider-Man and his friends.
The artistry is REALLY good! But the writing is what makes this issue. In the last few pages you really get a glimpse into the emotions of Spidey and Capt.
Enjoy this comic, admire the drawings, but allow it to show you a little about yourself in these two heroes.
I recommend this comic!

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  1. I really enjoyed it. Best story I've read in awhile.