Sunday, September 30, 2012

Introducing GAME ON's "Local Creator Showcase!"


Do you live just a short distance away from our store in Vienna?  Want some help getting your comics or books out to the right audience?  Well, we love helping get new voices out there to just the right new fans, so if you want to be a part of our new LOCAL CREATOR SHOWCASE, here's what you need to know:
  • If you are willing to drive to our location for a three-plus hour signing, then you're "local!"
  • All creators are welcome - writers, artists, colorists, if you've created a book, LET US KNOW!
  • If you are currently trying to get a publisher, but you have some sort of printed material, feel free to send us a copy, in care of J. R.  This can be posters, postcards, copies of a comic, what have you.  Just send an email to JR (at) gameoncomics (dot) com and let's get rolling.
  • We don't charge to sell your books, but we do sell on a consignment basis.  When you email to let us know you're interested in having us sell your products, let us know your costs, and we will work something out.
So, it's that easy, and hopefully we can help you get more people reading your stories!  Just drop me an email and guarantee yourself a slot our growing list of local talent!

For September, we were proud to offer Pennsylvania creative duo Paul (@pabba) and Tara Abbamondi (@Tarabba) and their new graphic novel THE STOLEN LOVELIGHT.  We sold out of our initial allotment, but will have more copies in soon.  October's Showcase is:


CODY is an all-ages humor book by Richmond, VA based Jamie Cosley, who has been self-publishing CODY online for two years.  We have signed copies of Jamie's book which was a special printing for the Baltimore Comic Con.

Jamie is a great guy, and we would love to have all of our young Game On Gang to try out this funny comic.  The humor is geared to 8-12 year-olds, but elicits groans and giggles for us old folks, too.

For more on Jamie, check out his twitter feed or his website.

Thanks for everyone's support, and we wish all of you new creators all the best in getting your creative voice heard.

-J. R. (jr at gameoncomics dot com)

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