Monday, April 1, 2013


Comic Books aren’t generally well received when it comes to higher education.  However, Ball State Adjunct Professor Christina Blanch is putting her love of comics to work in a new Gender Studies course, being made available for free to anyone who wants to take the course.  Students enrolled in the GENDER THROUGH COMIC BOOKS course will read a variety of comics from Marvel, DC and several independent publishers and analyze how the comics portray women, and the impact that portrayal has on our society.

The course runs from April 2 through May 10, and while it will be graded and there are projects and discussions, the course is free for everyone.  You may enroll here:

Once you have enrolled, go to Comixology through a special link to purchase the course reading materials, available on sale through April 2d:

Certain collected volumes for upcoming weeks, including SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT, CAPTAIN MARVEL VOLUME ONE (Does not include issue 7 from the required reading list), SECRET SIX: UNHINGED (collects issues 1-7 of Secret Six), and Y: THE LAST MAN VOLUME ONE (collects issues 1-6 of Y: The Last Man), are available through GAME ON! to order for slightly less than the Comixology sale price.

When you enroll, LET US KNOW!  If enough GAME ON! customers enroll, we will hold special discussion events to enhance the learning experience.  As course details and assignments are fully explained, we may also hold special events to help you complete said assignments.

This is a fairly heavy topic, but ultimately comics are about fun stories, so hopefully we here at GAME ON! can make the course and related discussions even more fun.

Don’t forget, the course begins Tuesday and let us know when you enroll by emailing JR at GAME ON COMICS dot COM

Thanks, and see you on the virtual campus!

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