Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ivar, Timewalker Review

All Dr. Neela Sethi wants to do is to make a scientific breakthrough, but I guess when that breakthrough is the inadvertent invention of Time Travel you can probably expect the future to interfere in some way. Enter Ivar Anni-Padda, Timewalker, who comes in to stop Dr. Sethi as she is about to start the unintended creation of time travel. As anyone would be, she is skeptical until the security guards have their skin melt in front of her! That was the breaking point for Neela that sent her on a journey through time with Ivar.

With the introduction of the two main characters, Ivar and Neela, there is some mistrust between the two, and makes for a great edge between them. Neela is unsure whether or not to trust this man, who did just apparently help save her from some odd looking beings; but how little she knows of him has her worried. Ivar, on the other hand, is just trying to make his charm work on Neela, but her mistrust makes it hard for him to breakthrough. Neela is a take no prisoners kind of girl as she showed us early on if you get in the way of her and science she will knock you out! So how these two end up working together is going to be an interesting ride in itself let alone the time travel.

With this new entry into the Valiant universe, writer Fred Van Lente has a book that is able to appear throughout all the different books in the Valiant universe (Rai makes a small appearance in a panel), as well the freedom to write many stories- and because of the nature of time travel, many stories can be told! Now I don’t know too much about the Valiant universe (I am working on that) but Ivar doing crossovers with Rai, Bloodshot, or even Quantum and Woody would be great to see in future.

It is nice to have a time travel story with some cool intresting twists and turns you won’t see coming I can't wait to read the rest of the upcoming series has to offer, especially after the way this first issue ended!

Reviewed by: Matt Dempsey
Game On! Comics Manager

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