Friday, December 12, 2014

2 New Small Press Titles to get into!

"And the meek shall inherit the Earth." The tagline for a 4 issue mini-series called "Squarriors". As the pun filled title would suggest this is a comic based off of the ideas of Squirrel Warriors. This comic is a bit gory but it is used well. It was a great first issue bringing us in during a major plight for this tribe of squirrels but also setting up mysteries for us to discover over this 4 issue run.
            The first mystery we are presented is brought to us by humans! Yes they seem to exist in this world but some kind of apocalyptic tragedy has struck, what it is we don't know yet but it is probably tied to the enhanced human like quality the animals have now. The other mystery I'm sure we will know more about by issue #2 is about all the strife between the squirrel tribes and the other human like animals.
            Overall it was an enjoyable first issue that could be easily overlooked just because of the pun title or the realistic and gory art but it seems to have a cool story to tell and tells it through other means besides the humans. Hopefully by the end of the 4 issue run we will get some good answers but maybe we can get more SQUARRIORS!

Gender bent sci-fi Odyssey in space is the best description for Matt Fraction’s newest book ODY-C. This comic immediately pulls you in the first page with a huge 8 page layout! The art is fantastic and well done never a quiet moment on the page.  
Image always does a great job of letting creators explore new ways to tell great stories and this seems like a great take on a classic story. This comic came out just a couple weeks ago and is sure to be a book with a great run and tons of different stories and new ways to tell them.

The mortal and world and the women invading and battling ships was a fun time and how the Gods are changed is fun and new I especially like the take on Athena and his pet owl. Odyessia is a very strong and powerful leader they all seem to have the same great distinctions just different genders. This is one of the few books that I would highly recommend checking out, a timeless story told in a great new way.

----Matt Dempsey
Game On! Comics

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