Friday, December 19, 2014

Rocket Salvage #1 Review

Rocket Salvage is a six issue miniseries done by Archaia/Boom who have been putting out a lot of great quality comics like Lumberjanes, Adventure Time, and The Midas Flesh. At first glance with its bright and fun colors Rocket Salvage may seem like it is a book for all ages, it isn’t. Rocket Salvage is closer to Rocket Raccoon by Skottie Young, very bright and vivid colors and yet still gritty. Nothing too bad for young readers mind you just some adult themes (talks of a stripper and some violence isn’t too bad right?) but it is probably suited more toward the same crowd of say Bravest Warriors.
Primo Rocket, Fastest Man Alive, is our star and center of the first issue. It starts with him about to make racing history but as soon as you turn the page you are 15 years into the future and everything that was shiny and exciting is now run down vandalized. It is a great couple of page of art and story of the stark contrast of the two different time periods.
Without going into further details about all that is happening characters in the first couple pages show up throughout the book, Primo has had two kids(Beta Rocket and Rocco Rocket), got fatter, and fixes vehicles but doesn’t race them and doesn’t want his kids too either. There is a political strife essentially between robots and monsters (Republic of Galaxies and Galactic Republic respectively) and it seems Primo and his kids are going to be caught up in the middle of it all! Not sure which characters to trust as of yet looks like most are just after protecting themselves in the lawless town of Rio Rojo. As of now Rio Rojo is the only world we have seen a cool lawless world that is a little reminiscent of Tatooine from Episode 1. Cannot wait to get out and explore their universe some more.

Who will come out victorious in this story: Robots, Monsters, or the lowly humans who know how to race and repair? This is a book I will highly recommend to fans of Star Wars and Speed Racer. Rocket Salvage feels like a great combination of those two franchises and has their own story to tell.

Written and Reviewed by:  
Matt Dempsey
Game On Comics

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